Our Capabilities

Our unique capabilities enables us to deliver innovative and engineered concrete solutions.

Local Manufacturing

RCS has a significant commitment to Plastic Injection Moulding, Steel Fabrication, Roll Forming, and Plasma Cutting.

We are proud that our Plastics product range is made 100 percent from recycled material. We’re working hard every day on ways to improve our operational efficiency whilst creating meaningful and sustainable changes.With safety, quality, and sustainability as our highest priorities, RCS prides itself on continued investment to local manufacturing and to provide the capabilities and capacity to meet the needs of the Australian and New Zealand construction industry.

Product Research, Development, Testing

At RCS, innovation starts with our customers through our unique customer-back innovation process.

We strive to innovate by deeply understanding our customers’ needs that result in solutions to meet their specific requirements. With a team of nine R&D experts, we go beyond regulatory compliance to ensure products have been validated through rigorous testing. In addition to, our performance claims are verified by chartered registered engineers. So, you can trust that our products will perform as promised!

Engineering & Design

Employing over 25 engineers, bank on our value engineering support throughout the life of the construction process.

Our team comprises of registered, qualified, experienced engineers across Design Services, Field Engineering, and R&D across Australia and New Zealand, providing technical product assistance, on-site support, and value-add design services. We partner with our customers to find the optimal solution, eliminate unnecessary costs, improve productivity - whilst never compromising on safety.

Our Engineering team can offer:

  • Concrete lifting design for precast construction.
  • Engineering information and design for the application of Reid and Danley products in unique situations.
  • Engineering assessment and testing to find the most optimal solution.
  • On-site and in-yard support.
  • Training workshop