Our Principles

Safety & Well Being

We strive every day to foster a proactive safety culture through the execution of our Enterprise Safety Strategy, which is based on a philosophy that every accident is preventable and with a goal of zero accidents. Our division-driven approach ensures we have a shared responsibility to protect the well-being of every colleague.

Our Enterprise Safety Strategy is based on the following core principles

  • Goal is zero accidents
  • Shared ownership for safety (business and individual)
  • Take a proactive approach focused on accident prevention
  • Apply the continuous improvement philosophy

Safety is about everyone, everywhere, everyday feeling safe which is both our physical safety and mental well-being.

Our ITW Culture

We believe ITW's Decentralized, Entrepreneurial Culture is the key element that drives the highly effective and efficient conversion of strategy into action and action into results that matter. Our colleagues thrive in an environment that empowers them to think and act like owners.

They experience significant autonomy, a sense of shared ownership, and a work atmosphere deeply rooted in our core values of Integrity, Simplicity, Trust, Respect and Shared Risk. We invest in our colleagues through professional development, challenging on-the-job experiences and long-term career growth opportunities. We recognise and reward colleagues who perform well and have a strong preference for promoting our internal talent

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive for everyone to reach their full potential and we value the unique and diverse perspectives that make all of us better together.

To reach our full potential it takes all of us, and that's why we value the unique perspectives, experience and ideas that our colleagues contribute across our entire enterprise. We believe we are at our best when we create an environment where people are heard, valued and engaged. We create diverse and inclusive workplaces where everyone can perform to their full potential, grow their careers, and enhance our workplace culture.

Enterprise Policies

Rooted in our values of Integrity, Respect and Trust, ITW sets high ethical standards for our company and partners that help us deliver best-in-class performance. With a focus on continuous improvement, we regularly review and update, as appropriate, our policies governing ethical conduct and responsible behaviour.

  • Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • ensure the company is governed in a manner that serves the interests of our shareholders, colleagues and other stakeholders.

  • Statement of Principles of Conduct
  • describes the expected standard of behavior governing all ITW colleagues, businesses and subsidiaries around the world. It also outlines our commitment to compliance with human rights laws, including those against slavery, human trafficking and child labor. These standards are also applied to our suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct and in our standard purchase order terms and conditions.

  • Code of Ethics
  • outlines ITW's principles regarding fair, ethical and honest business dealings, full and fair disclosure, and compliance with applicable laws for our CEO, Vice Chairman, CFO and all key financial personnel

  • Safety Policy
  • stipulates that we strive every day to foster a proactive safety culture through the execution of our Enterprise Safety Strategy, which is based on a philosophy that every accident is preventable and with a shared goal of zero accidents

  • Environmental & Sustainability Policy
  • reinforces ITW's commitment to global environmental sustainability reflected in the following priorities: improving our environmental performance on an ongoing basis; working with suppliers who operate with similar dedication to global environmental sustainability; and partnering with our customers in innovating solutions that address their needs for environmentally responsible products.

  • Global Anti-Corruption Policy
  • emphasizes the importance of complying with anti-corruption laws of all countries in which ITW and our divisions, subsidiaries, agents, consultants and affiliates operate.

  • Human Rights Policy
  • reinforces our commitment to demonstrating respect for human rights at ITW and throughout our supply chain, and it applies to all ITW colleagues and locations worldwide and to others who may act on ITW's behalf.

  • Conflict Minerals Policy
  • seeks to assure that our products are conflict free.

  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
  • describes the steps we take to mitigate slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain

  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • requires our suppliers, vendors and contractors to operate to our high ethical standards. This Code applies all relevant aspects of ITW's Statement of Principles of Conduct to our suppliers. Among other requirements, our suppliers are required to adhere to applicable laws, including those concerning human rights, child or forced labor, wage and working hours, discrimination, environmental, health and safety, and fair dealing. Furthermore, our suppliers are required not to engage in corruption, and they commit to fully comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

  • Supplier Expectations
  • inform our suppliers that they are expected to operate in compliance with rigorous performance standards and improve their own environmental and social performance.

  • Government Affairs
  • statement describes our prohibition against use of company assets or funds for political purposes..

  • Hedging/Anti-Pledging Policy
  • for executive officers and directors prohibits hedging the risk of ownership in ITW stock and prohibits pledging of ITW stock to secure payment obligations.

  • Clawback Policy
  • provides for the recovery of incentive compensation payments from our senior officers in the event of an accounting restatement (whether or not based on misconduct) due to material noncompliance with financial reporting requirements.